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Headquarters Island Resident Phone List

Alvanos, John and Brenda(559.1130)
Baker, Warren W. and Cathy(559.9784)
Barger, Elizabeth(559.3470)
Bath, Rhonda(5590527)
Beckett, Joseph and Janet(559.0497)
Benton, Larry and Peggy(559.6062)
Brenner, Steve and Karen(559.1936)
Brown, Patrick M. and Carolyn(559.3432)
Caldwell, Earl and Gene(557.0325)
Canady, Mac and Gayle(559.5777)
Cannon, Kenneth and Carrol(559.6029)
Carmichael, Walter and Jill(559.1943)
Carraway, Ed and Ellen(559.4028)
Cignavitch, Bernie and Diana(559.0750)
Clancy, Mark and Dawn(559.5183)
Costa, Clifford and Deborah(559.3196)
Coulter, Jeff and Kristina(559.1146)
Cox, Gene and Susan(559.8066)
Cox, JD and Edie(559.8229)
Destefano, John and Lynn(559.2535)
Dlugosz, Richard and Sandra(559.4983)
Duncan, Rhett(559.6003)
Dupree, Michael and Sherry(559.3949)
Edwards, Judy(557.0808)
Falls, Brenda(559.5058)
Fetner, Ted and Debbie(559.1783)
Flowe, Robert and Karen(559.5404)
Frye, Bobby and Sara(559.3793)
Gamble, Rick and Sophie(559.5220)
Gruenloh, Mike and Christy(557.0846)
Hagan, Bob and Karen(559.3880)
Hagelberger, Deborah(559.2413)
Hall, Robert J. and Helen A.(559.2903)
Harmon, Mike and Shealee(1.800.312.5209)
Hart, Robert and Peggy(559.2861)
Harvey, Brad and Allison(557.0020)
Hauge, Glenda(559.9441)
Hecker, Bruce and Nedra(559.2271)
Hill, Patrick and Susan(559.0652)
Houston, Jerry and Sherri(559.4428)
Hunter, David and Linda(559.5901)
Johnson, Mike and Glenda(559.4441)
Keener, John and Brandy(559.3131)
Kelley, Bob and Beth(559.3178)
Kitchen, Paul and Christina(559.1482)
Knell, Frank(Bud) and Wyn(Lisa)(559.2849)
Koot, Henk and Pam(557.0321)
Lackey, Layrie and Stuart(559.3689)
Lawrence, Richard and Dee Dee(559.1900)
Lee, Greg and Marcia(559.9200)
Lisle, George and Carolyn(559.4242)
Litton, Tom and Jan(559.3929)
Lozier, Susan(795.0834)
Lutz, Eric and Susan(795.0834)
Madden, Jim and Elizabeth(559.3470)
Magee, Brendan and Ashley(559.1583)
Marchant, Rob and Dana(559.4122)
Martin, Tommy and Carolyn(559.2416)
Masty, Jay(559.1947)
Mcleod, Maxine W.(559.0500)
Mcleod, Mullins W.(559.0119)
McMichael, Pam(557.0321)
Montgomery, Lisa(559.9306)
Morris, Frank and Trudy(559.2996)
Orr, Louise(559.0754)
Ostrowski, Patti(559.2215)
Panella, Maria(559.5306)
Ravenel, James and Michele(559.0696)
Rhea, Randy and Marcia(559.2145)
Ritchen, Ed and Terry(559.4134)
Ritter, Jack and Suzanne(559.2261)
Roth, Ben and Patricia(559.9745)
Rothaermel, Fred and Brenda(559.5058)
Santos, Eugene(559.7886)
Schmidt, William and Hildur(559.4214)
Schuster, Mark and Patricia(559.2616)
Schwartz, Paul and Nancy(559.6944)
Smith, Berrien W. (Doll)(559.4175)
Snider, Dennis and Diane(559.2475)
Snipes, Dee Dee(559.1900)
Sood, Sunder and Sudesu(553.5659)
Spinelli, Christina(559.1482)
Steuer, Gebhard and Lisa(559.1238)
Strickland, George and Rachelle(559.3242)
Sullivan, Pat and Ruthie(873.9157)
Tabrizian, Amir and Kim(559.5219)
Temple, James W. and Janet(559.4129)
Tuza, Conrad and Marianne(559.0060)
Tyner, Al and Val(559.5817)
Wannamaker, Banks and Neyle(881.1550)
Welch, Jennifer(559.6003)
Wheat, Doug and Patti(559.2215)
Young, Rod and Rebecca(559.2726)
Zanetti, Damien and Julie(559.1964)
Zucker, Jerry and Anita(559.0599)

Useful Telephone Numbers

Emergency-Fire, Police, Medical(911)
Animal Control(720.3915)
Charleston Post and Courier(853.7678)
City Sanitation Dept.(724.7364)
City Water and Sewer(727.6800)
South Carolina Electric and Gas(554.7234)
Assessor Office(958.4100)
Auditor-Vehicle and real Estate(958.4200)
Parks and Recreation(762.2172)
Gaillard Auditorium(577.7400)
Voter Registration(744.8683)

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